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Kathryn Frady as Amelia Lost.jpg

by Larry Delinger


World Premiere            Marble City Opera               October 2014

New York Premiere      Opera America                      January 2016

Cleveland Premiere     Cleveland Opera Theater     January 2017

London Premiere         Opera in the City Festival     August 2018

“Kathryn Frady electrifed the Square Room audiences in Larry Delinger’s Amelia Lost, a one-woman character piece about a homeless woman who believes she is Amelia Earhart. Frady’s performance was, simply stated, a sensational theatre experience. Matching her vocal characterization was an almost uncanny ability to dramatically transform her face, and her persona from softness and gentelness, to angst-ridden and depleted.”

– Arts Knoxville 2014, World Premiere of Amelia Lost – Marble City Opera

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Most Memorable Operatic Performance 2014- Arts Knoxville

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